Mineral & Royalty Asset Management

Mineral Owners Managing Minerals

Who We Are

Flatland Mineral Management is a one-stop mineral and royalty asset management and consulting firm. Our team manages over $100 million of mineral and royalty assets covering tens of thousands of acres.

As active managers and owners of minerals, we interact with oil & gas operators daily and encounter the gamut of issues faced by mineral owners. We understand when assets need to be protected, or can be enhanced, when dealing with oil & gas companies. Along with the latest industry technology we have in-house attorneys, bookkeepers, Certified Professional Landmen, division order analysts, engineers, and mapping professionals to manage assets, track revenues, and help make informed mineral management decisions.

About Flatland

Flatland Mineral Management started with the idea that a mineral owner needs one place where she can go for comprehensive and cost-effective mineral and royalty solutions.

Traditionally, mineral management options available to owners were either disjointed or expensive beyond what the job required. As an independent subsidiary of Flatland Minerals, an acquirer and long-term holder of minerals and royalties, we have the team, technology, and systems in place to offer extensive and economical mineral management solutions.

We use technology and expertise to manage thousands of mineral and royalty properties for individuals, family offices, investors, financial advisement firms and ourselves. If you are an individual who owns or has inherited minerals, or an institution that would like specialized asset management expertise, please contact us to discuss how we can help protect, and possibly enhance, the value of your mineral and royalty assets.

Our Services

Our team can help you with a wide array of situations encountered when dealing with oil & gas interests such as:

Revenue tracking

Inventory and analysis

Lease negotiations

Division Orders

Suspense funds audit

Title and curative issues


GIS Mapping

Production Sharing, Pooling and Unitization


Litigation support

Asset Evaluation

Ongoing management

We offer both hourly fee and low-cost gross revenue pricing models. Let us know if we can tailor a solution to fit your mineral management needs.

Mineral Management

Our platform can help with the ongoing management of your assets and revenues. As a mineral owner, you need professionals with knowledge and experience that put you on par with the oil and gas industry. Contact us to find out how we can help make sure the value of your property is protected for generations.

Consulting Services

We have the oil and gas professionals to handle your mineral and royalty issues on a project-to-project basis. Give a call and see how we can help.

Our Leadership

Dane Hardy

Dane Hardy has 15 years of experience in the oil and gas industry as a landman and is an active mineral manager of tens of thousands of acres. He is a Partner and serves on the Board of Flatland Mineral Funds I, II and III and is a licensed Texas attorney.

Peter Crow

Peter Crow has over 20 years of experience in energy, real estate and banking. He serves as Partner and CFO of Crow Financial Partners, Partner and CFO of Centennial Mineral Holdings, Appalachian Mineral Partners, and Flatland Mineral Funds I, II, and III. He served as the CFO of Foreland Resources, LLC, a Permian Basin E&P company.

Ross Nobles

Ross Nobles has over 20 years of oil and gas experience as a landman. He is a licensed Texas attorney who is a Partner and serves on the Boards of Flatland Minerals I, II and III.